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It's Friday... That's good enough for me!
non stop lolz here but thats soon to end thanks to uni, surely the rest of the world is going good?
how things are going guys? Here... boring...
I must be going wrong on the password lengths then, as long as it was done on ECB
lol... the key is in hex (MD5: of the string "doit" without the "'s) and is in lower case. Maybe i should have submitted this as a challenge!

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Writing Your Own Operating System - Part #1

Written by:dimport
Published by:auzzie
Published on:2003-06-21 07:19:46
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2006-09-12 16:22:27
Might I add www.osdever.net to the list? You don't even have to be a member to access their tuts and articles.
2007-04-10 08:28:20
You can find one more Hello World Bootloader tutorial at http://www.viralpatel.net

Taj Operating System.
2009-07-25 19:42:50
*sigh* notepad? really? notepad++ is extremely lightweight, fully extensible, supports code completion, code colouring, external commands/compilers, anything else you want it to. If your desired language isn't supported just write your own plugin! Notepad++ is possibly the best editor I've ever known.
2009-10-26 23:49:36
try this blog : Make Your OS for more tutorials...
2011-04-04 04:57:32
Check out the Christian rock band Cross the Divide from New Hampshire.
2011-04-14 06:40:42
hi i like this article on os developement can you write book on how to create a os and make a sample os which should does only few basic operations from which others can motivated to do os developement
2011-06-16 07:31:25
another file. learn that form of data written content I own a business presentation, this also is definitely.
kaos distro
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